On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Spring is here!

It’s been my turn to be lax and delay my blog post. Delia’s post of two weeks ago diarised our day trip to Margaret River and I haven’t done much photography since then. But I’ll put some of my Margaret River ones in a gallery at the bottom of this post. The main photography that I have been doing is Delia’s own artwork in preparation for launching her website. She has been challenging herself with a 90 day artwork in a day challenge. Here are some of my recent favourites.

We haven’t been idle otherwise though. Last Sunday we went to Fremantle to see the WA Water colour exhibition with F&B. The talent on show was amazing. After that we had a meal enjoying the spring weather at a pavement cafe. After lunch we found a gallery showing selected professional artists, definitely a very arty day.

So Spring has definitely arrived, apart from lovely outings needing sunscreen my morning dog walks benefit from being a bit earlier to enjoy the early coolness. The nights aren’t (yet) hot so sleep is easy (when not disturbed by a bored nocturnal cat).

As for me- I have been busying myself with Delia’s website as well as my son Adam’s (the psychiatrist) blog. He has been publishing on Medium and is gaining some traction. Have a look https://dradambell.com

I have also been attending workshops and network meetings at the WBA (Wanneroo Business Association). I have even been on the radio – albeit a local community station and interviewed by a new friend in WBA. But its all useful exposure and it’ll soon be transcribed into a podcast.

Our Friday evening sunset walks at Burns Beach have continued. They are now 30 mins later since sunset is later. These continue to be geat social events even if the seabreeze often oversteps the classification of “breeze”. Beach walks with Siena have continued, the wind is good to keep the sea weed and blue bottle jelly fish mostly out of reach of Siena who likes to eat both.

As promised, here are some of my Margaret River shots. As with all photos here – click to see enlarged view.