On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia


A Day at the Zoo

We finally got to the zoo. It has been a while since I have been to Perth Zoo (I think it was when I was back here in 2014?). Pat wanted to do this as his day out for his birthday so we did. After a leisurely start to the day (which included a full-cooked breakfast), we headed off
in our little car to South Perth. One of the things I remember about the Perth Zoo is that we had these little squirrels running all over the place and that they had found their way out into the surrounding area. These squirrels (I know now to be Palm squirrels) are now nowhere to be seen. A little bit of googling helped, I found this article on the ABC News website (see here) which explains why they were removed and that their love of peanut
butter was their downfall.

I digress, Pat and I got to the zoo around 11:00 and decided that we would get a tour around the Australian animal exhibit – these are for free which is great, however, no one could be found so we decided not to worry. We headed off on our own to explore, first the little penguins – they are always cute then into the water bird enclosure – where Pat was taking photos and got stopped by someone who worked for Sony (Pat has a Sony camera) some camera talk ensued and then we were on our way again, past the crocodile (not a small
freshwater one – it was a huge saltwater crocodile). We continued on to the Australian animal exhibit which was interesting and I got to see my first “in the flesh” numbat. Slightly bigger than anticipated but a pleasure to see nontheless.

We continued to meander around the zoo until we found a coffee place where we purchased coffee and shared a sandwich. We had the pleasure of eating this in a gazebo between the painted dogs and the rhino. One thing I did find depressing about the zoo was the fact that
so many of the animals are in the zoo as part of a conservation program. It’s great that we have the conservation program, it is just a shame that we need it. So many animals are endangered and it did make me feel a little sad. We decided to head home but not before we
went past the Elephants. This ended up being one of the highlights of the day. One of the Elephants was about to have her bath so she was walking into her huge pool with her keeper throwing a weight for the elephant to collect, each time she did that she got a reward
which made her a very happy elephant.

Then we headed home to Pat’s choice of dinner (KFC!) yep you read that correctly. I think I  can wait another year before I have it again. We did however have a nice bottle of sparkling rose with it.

Recently we also got to catch up with friends in an early night out in town. We went to one bar which had a fabulous atmosphere, but unfortunately, we had to move on due to the fact that you can book tables and the one we were at was booked from 6 pm! The next place
didn’t have the same atmosphere but the food was fantastic. We all parted ways at 8 pm – I think we are getting old. For Pat and I a quick train journey and then a long walk home – but I am very glad we did it.

We are starting to get out and about a bit more which is good. Next month we are heading off to an event called Lightscape Perth – this was my birthday present to Pat. This will be held at Kings Park, which is a big parkland overlooking Perth City. I’m looking forward to this. 

Until next time.