On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Wow things are happening

Hello all, so what has been happening with Pat and I this week? Well I finally got my drivers licence and medicare card – so that was good, the admin is progressing. I’m still applying for jobs, not had much success so far. But we are keeping ourselves busy. We’ve been down to the dog beach a number of times, one day after a storm and there were so many blue bottles (a type of jellyfish) along the shore. Most had dried out, but Siena decided that eating them was a good idea! Thankfully she learnt that it isn’t a good idea as she threw everything up very quickly. But we are now careful with her on the beach.

We also went out to Guildford this week to help my aunt with the pick-up of her new birdbath – which is lovely. We also did a few other running around type things, I even picked up my new sunglasses – which I love. That night we also went to dinner with one of my cousins – who had made a rather nice beef ragu – I liked it so much, I asked for the recipe and I’m cooking it for dinner tonight.

On Monday I started my beginners sewing course, which was informative and fun. I did have to go and buy some material for this weeks class – and I found a lovely red and white striped fabric with French things all over it. I’ll be learning to sew in a zip this week – wish me luck! I’ve also been able to get some painting in which has been great.

However tomorrow I’m off to do more admin and hopefully look at some cars so it should be another productive week.

So for now à bientôt from our wonderful part of Australia.