On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

I am pleasantly surprised how green and bushy the surroundings here are. I especially enjoy my morning dog walks of which I seem to have come down to three choices, depending upon whether I need to be back home especially quickly or not.

Delia’s mum lives across from a school with a large playing field (where if school is not on, I can run Siena if I want). The block that the school occupies is shared with a bush reserve area, part of which is easily accessible with footpaths. The whole reserve is called Cadogan park.  I have various 25 minute routes taking in most of the possible routes around the park and then walking around the block passing two side ot the quad where I sometimes let Siena run. The bush reserve is delightful, nothing park-like about it though, seemingly “raw” bush burnt tree trunks and all.


The next, and longer, walk, I discovered was down to Lake Goolelal. There is a line of lakes (fwiw along a geological boundary parallel to the Darling Range) of which this is one. There is a well paved cycle and walking track that runs from Greenwood Station – I think I described the walk from the station previously(?). It is a leafy walk that I access via an “alley” between houses from Delia’s mum’s place up a steep slope to the top of a ridge. This east-west trail leads (east) to the lake up and down to another preserved bush are but which is surrounded mostly by mown grassy areas. A 35 minute walk gets me down to the lakeside with lovely vistas on the way. This Saturday (along with Delia’s mum and Auntie Barb) we walked the 5km all around the lake.

One of the greatest finds was the walk to Shepherds Bush reserve. Along the track to the west, over a rather urban road (though giving a remarkably green view towards Perth central) then into the reserve just off the track. There’s quite a network of paths and the first time I ventured into there I didn’t know which one to return on and saw more and spent longer than I had bargained for.

What no beach?

Here’s a shot of Delia’s new sunglasses.