On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Despite the weather, there has been enough sun over the past week to get us down to the dog beach for a couple of walks.  Some only just missing the rain, others in glorious sunshine.  It has been an interesting week, we’ve had things to do.  I had an interview in town on Thursday, which being my first interview for over 6 years I think went well.  Not sure if I will progress to the next stage but that is fine.  However looking for a job in the middle of a pandemic (even when Western Australia isn’t hard hit) is not the best thing.  Pat and I did use the opportunity to have a look around Perth a bit more (see Pat’s blog next week).  I had a gallery I wanted to check out, but unfortunately, they were in the middle of changing their exhibits so they weren’t open.  We did come across this wonderful green wall in town with a pigeon in the water pretending to be a duck!

This past weekend we had lunch out with my dad and his girlfriend, it was our first meeting with V and it went well.  We had a lovely meal overlooking the sea, dad and I had gnocchi and Pat and V had fish and chips!  Undoubtedly though you were paying for the view.   Pat and I had a little stroll along the beach front after lunch watching the sun over the water.  

Sunday morning we went down the dog beach which, as always, was fun for Siena.  Sunday evening we headed off for dinner with my niece (& her hubby) and my ex-sister-in-law (& her partner).  It was a really lovely evening with good food and lots of conversation.  

For now á beintôt from our wonderful part of Australia.