On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Perth and Burns Beach sunset

As Delia mentioned in the last blog, we went into Perth for an interview and other stuff. Whilst she was busy I wandered around and took some photos. Mostly around the station and the Commonwealth Bank square.

We did also see our old quarantine haunt “The Westin” as well as the illuminated advert we kept seeing from our elevated vantage point. It is interesting to see it for real – brightly coloured and ever changing.  Oh there were also shoes.

Meetups have started up again here, venturing away from the less sociable zoom online gatherings. We joined a walking group at Burns Beach – a group accepting of dogs.

The walk started just after 5pm and essentially we walked in one direction for 30 mins and then back. This was about 5kms and a pleasantly sociable experience. Some 14 of us mixed gender and background. Some regulars and we look forward to next Fridays walk (this time instead of South then North – it will be North then South). Below I have a few phone snaps of the beautiful sunset our walking group enjoyed.