On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Delia and the Indian Ocean on the Bathing Beach

A day in “Freo”

“Freo” being Fremantle, abbreviated in true Aussie fashion of course. A change from the beach or country towns – Fremantle is the main port for WA. Yet it remains a place that tourist flock to – in no-covid times at least, our visit was pretty quiet. As a dock, shipping-stuff dominates, container cranes and ships, cable laying behemoths and maritime industrial views. There’s a jail to visit as well as museums of shipwrecks and a maritime museum that is designed to look like a yacht on it side (my first thought was that this would be the shipwreck museum but no). Art galleries of course, fish themed restaurants and wherever there is sunshine, there is ice cream.

The port's "control tower" with the Maritime Museum to its right.


A tiring day and home by train to catch the early crowds for a football match in Perth Stadium. Covid safe just means that the stadium can only be half filled and the players exist in a kind of bubble where they are isolated form the rest of the world and so can tour most of Australia’s stadia with relative safety.

I might have given the impression that all Delia and I have done is swan aroung touring. Though we did visit the Swan Vally when we went to Guildford, for the most part we do our touring at the weekend. Delia is job-hunting in the mornings and can often be found painting in the afternoons. I’ve been working on web stuff (including a new .art site for Delia tba). I have also been networking and building up some contacts. No new clients yet but its early days yet. I still have my French sites to maintain so keeping busy.  I managed my first WordPress meetup – it was their first face-to-face meeting since covid.

Socially we are warming up too, I forgot my first photo-club meetup last week (next is on 26th August) and our Friday Burn’s Beach walk is still a highlight for Siena to bark at everyone. It is quite embarassing, we park up and Siena is so excited she barks and barks, announcing our arrival, and barks until we start walking. She starts up again if we slow down, a harsh taskmaster.