On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Its been a while.

Sorry we have been incommunicado for a few weeks. Delia has had a temp contract and is finding the long postponed 9-5 tough going. My excuse is that its her turn but truth be told I haven’t done much photography and have been busy myself with a new website and some technical admin with moving my hosting.

We have been trying to enjoy our weekends though. We had tickets to the new Perth Museum and went with Barb and Fran last Monday. Its a huge new building. Like a toddler I got lost and ended up texting Delia to find out where she was and got “The Whale” as a reply. That amounted to 3 floors with different viewing galleries. Anyway, as with all museums 3 hours our limit and our energy cells became completely depleted. Coffee and cake later and we were ready to go home.

Delia and I also spent a fascinating 6 hours at the Emergency Department. Delia had caught her ankle and managed to face-plant; all without the help of any alcohol at all. She was cut up and a bit shocked and fainted for a second or so when she tried to get up and just missed hitting her head. We got to the hospital and waited a reasonable length of time and hoped just to get Delia’s wounds cleaned (they had grit in them that wouldn’t wash out). Of course, mentioning fainting resulted in a whole battery of tests interspersed by interminable waiting. By the time we got out we were very grateful for an alternative to real food – a burger and chips from Hungry Jacks (Burger King effectively). Not the evening we had planned.

Since then Delia has a short two week temp role – the highlight of which is finding an actual patisserie (Swiss as it happens) that sells actual chocolate eclairs with actual chocolate creme patisserie filling instead of the usual squirty cream/custard. I only have Delia’s word for this since none have, actually, made it home yet.

We have a habit now of taking Siena to the beach on Sunday before breakfast. Its cooler then (though to be honest its been cool  – for Perth – for a couple of weeks… in the teens sometimes). Anyway here’s a couple of shots from today’s walk and from a good kite surfing day.s