On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Walnut Bread

I think I mentioned that for my birthday last year Pat bought me a bread book, and I have slowly been working my way through it and today I am making walnut bread – I’m looking forward to this one.  Last weeks was a type of sultana bread which I have really enjoyed the occasional slice over the week.  I say occasional as Pat and I are back on our healthy eating plan and limiting our treats.  We did however go out for lunch this week as I’ve finished up my temp assignment and I’m able to do things during the week.  We had a lovely meal out and our view was from the south side of the Swan River looking back towards the city.  Some photo’s below.Pat and I have been getting to the dog beach at least once a week, and it is busy, very busy, we do go for a quick swim but unfortunately Siena has not lost her horror of the water and will not come in so she stands on the beach and barks at us.  I will admit I am very happy we have air conditioning as it does make dealing with the heat so much easier (and I’m sleeping at night).Last Sunday I took mum out for her birthday and we had a lovely time overlooking the beach (I’m noticing a theme to my eating out – I seem to like looking out over water).  On the same day Pat went for a photo club excursion to the old railway workshop – he described it as being a bit like the Marie Celeste where it just looked like everyone had just disappeared.My work hunting is still on-going, but I’ve had a lot more interest and a couple of job interviews.  One I did very well at and was expecting to get the job, but unfortunately, I came in second, they have asked if they can put me forward for other roles within their company and I’ve said yes, so something may come of it.  I’m still applying for other jobs so I’m really hoping that I can get one soon and then we can find a house.  Rentals are very difficult to find at the moment so we’ve had to put that idea on hold.Today we are heading out to look at an art exhibition – with my mum and aunty B.  I’m looking forward to viewing this exhibition as it all images are 25cm x 20cm – which is similar to the size that I work.  I’ve been experimenting with flow art recently and also doing some fabric painting as I’ve been inspired to make a hand fan – they are both definitely very different ways of painting to what I am used to.  We are also still working on getting my website live – my plan is now to have it live by the mid-February – no more excuses! Until next time, be kind to yourself and others, Delia