On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Railway paraphernalia

For once not celebrating the beach. We have been there with Siena and its been so crowded that our country-mouse of a dog mostly sticks close to us. Still enjoying herself, just a bit overwhelmed by the scores of crazy mutts careening here and there chasing balls and whatever.

It’s been a strange week, with a single covid infection causing a 5 day lockdown for Perth and nearby suburbs. I can hear, you in France and the UK, shouting ONE infection and only FIVE days but this is our first community infection in 10 months. Fortunately, so far, no further transmission seems to have occurred but we’re in masks for a further week, and yes, we do know how lucky we are.

Last month I entered my first competition in my photo club and was pleased to be judged bronze and silver. Next week the subject is “Portrait” – Delia’s mum is allowing me to enter a photo of her (but only on the basis that no-one she knows can see it). The other photo is from my not too distant archives of a misty dawn with Siena in France. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I had my first field trip with my photo club. We metup at the Midland Westfield railway maintenance sheds.  An acre or so of abandoned industrial sheds. It seems that in the 1980’s it was decided that it was no longer viable to maintain them and they were unceremoniously abandoned, in a matter of moments. Tools and paraphernalia just dropped where they were being used. That is more or less what we were visiting. A bit of curating had been done, some labelling but “health and safety” would have had a field day. Wooden floors ready to collapse and we were warned that all responsibility was ours. Of course the furnaces were not working but staircases were rickety and any wooden sheds could collapse at any moment.

I must admit I was expecting a few shadowy shots needing a flash but I was unprepared for the vast brightly lit spaces. Anyway I have selected a few shots from the hundreds I took. (click to enlarge)