On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

and the masks are off

On Sunday, 14th February, we were able to start going without our masks while out and about. Obviously the state government wanted everyone to be happy for Valentines day! We decided that the dog beach would be a great place to go – so did everyone else who had a dog, the beach was manic that Sunday morning. Sunday evening for Pat and I was spent at a group dinner – this was arranged through a social group who we do our Friday evening walk with. It was great, we were sitting at a lovely restaurant, outside watching the sun go down over the ocean. The temperature was comfortable so one didn’t get hot and just a lovely ambience. The food and company were good too. We were sitting opposite a couple (L&T) we know from the Friday night walk and we got chatting – we mentioned that we had been Stand-up paddle boarding and were wanting to try kayaking. T mentioned that they had a couple of kayaks – one double and one single – and he was happy for us to try them out one day with him. This Sunday just gone, after an early start so that we had time to walk Siena and then get to L&T’s by 8:30 am we finally got to try kayaking. It was great fun. We actually went to the same marina that we had been previously so that was great, Pat was on the double kayak with T and I was on the single one. We paddled about for around 45 minutes and really, really enjoyed it. We’re hoping to go again soon. What else have we been up to – in our Covid free part of the world? We’ve been rental hunting – and it is mind boggling how many people show up for a home open – yep they have group home opens and they are short in time around 20 minutes and have somewhere between 45-60 people through them for each opening and there are multiple applications for places. We’re continuing the hunt but are not sure how long it will take to get a place. Pat and I also decided on Saturday last week to head out to a local National Park, we took a picnic with us and had a nice walk around part of the lake, said hello to the kolas (imports from the east coast) and enjoyed our picnic lunch and then Pat went off to do some photography while I sketched a picture that I hope will become a painting. Until next time, be kind to yourself and others, Delia