On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Opera, Jazz, Dance and Sculptures

Firstly, sorry its been nearly a month since the previous post.  Secondly, here’s the next one.

Its been refreshingly normal few weeks with little but a couple of covid issues over in the east and the alleged start of the vaccine roll-out. Meanwhile we managed a night at the opera. Well, a mostly social distanced evening at “Opera in the Park” in the heart of Perth.  A balmy night for a picnic and some enjoyable music.

The following weekend we mananaged to go to a Jazz Club “meetup”. We had always planned to go to jazz clubs even when in France but never quite managed to do so. We had been continuing that theme here too, until we actually did manage to get to a club in Mosman Park. Well, actually a bar “Rodney’s Bait and Tackle” (the bar serving drinks was actually a boat and there were loads of fishing paraphernalia on the walls). We met a handful of people who had signed up for the “meetup”.  The three piece band had a guest saxophonist
The following week Delia was to start a 6 month contract at “Main Roads” in central Perth. Not permanent, unfortunately, but still welcome.That Friday I met up with the photo club in the heart of Perth to photograph an aboriginal dance display. Unfortunately the dancers started early and I only managed to snap the last dance. Delia missed that (because I had mistakenly referred to the Yagan Amphitheatre as the Arena – two stops along on the bus route – whoops!). She did arrive in time for the demonstration and talk about the smoke ceremony. The set for the display was full of sunshade umbrellas and an untidy backdrop did not make for good photography. But here’s some.
After that we went on to a square where food trucks congregate in a cornucopia of world cuisine. Suspect claims such as French tacos and Japanese pancakes (the first was served by a genuine Brittanique chef from Brittany and was tasty but only as French as the chef).I should stop there but there’s more. Every year there is an exhibition of Sculptures on the Beach at very end beach in Cottesloe. Here’s some photos.