On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia


We moved on 24th April to a compact 2 bed unit in Maylands. Just a 15 minute drive to Delia’s workplace and 50 metres from the Swan river. We were surprised to get it so easily, we had been looking at some of the far north suburbs with no luck. We were looking at a place in the same development and the agent showed us this place. It already had a dog door which the house owner thought she might need to remove and that seemed to have clinched the deal… two weeks later here we were. A 3 day snap lockdown in Perth, to our surprise, hadn’t affected us much. Our removalist considered themselves an essential service and who were we to argue.

Winter approaches and the dawn gets later each morning. This gives me a chance to see some lovely sunrises over the river on my morning dog-walks. One evening I came across an enclosure and some long canoes and a sign advertising a Dragon Boat club, notable the Amazons – a women’s team especially for breast cancer survivors and their supporters. Delia managed the last few sessions before they pause for winter. Dragon boats are long canoes which are paddled rather than rowed by up to 20 or so crew. It does involve competitions but for now Delia has to wait for 6 weeks before the next session. I did manage to see her paddle past, from the jetty in the photo, at one session. I waved and was greeted by the whole team being directed to wave at Delia’s husband! It looks like it’ll be a good social thing.

Socially things are looking better elsewhere here too. We joined a Meetup called “Motivated in Maylands’ and went to our first pub quiz in Aus. We are meeting again for a dinner tomorrow night. Maylands is a lively place with a “famous” café strip with bars, restaurants and cafés. The area we live in is a peninsula and most of the older buildings (excluding a “listed” brickworks) have made way for somewhat denser housing. Lots of planned reserves though. As well as the open wooded strip along the river we are also a mere 100m from a cricket oval where we can let Siena run off-lead.

On the whole, we feel we have fallen on our feet, we are even considering longer term here although property is pricier.

But what about the beach? I hear. Well back where we were in Kingsley we were about 20 minutes from Hilary’s dog beach. Here, despite having to cross the central business district, by the grace of a tunnel (and outside rush hour), we can drive to ‘south of city dog beach’ in 20 minutes! Its a much wider and longer beach and seemingly less frequented (but it is nearly winter and its often less than 15C haha).

So from our new abode, we wish you well. Here’s hoping you are all vaccinated.