On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

Sydney and beyond

New Years started with fireworks, literally.  Pat and I headed down to the river front to watch fireworks at 9pm.  It was fun, one of our friends walked down to join us and we watched 15 minutes of fireworks and then all went home.  I’m not a fan of New Years Eve.  We did however get woken at midnight by all the fireworks happening, which I proceeded to watch from my bedroom window and then back to bed to snooze as I was on a flight to Sydney the following day.

New year’s day I boarded my flight and flew very quickly to Sydney – it was one of the fastest flights I’ve ever been on.  We obviously had a good wind behind us.  My friend – S – picked me up and headed to her home.  Neither of us had eaten dinner so we had a quick bite to eat and a catch-up and headed to bed.

I thought the 3-hour time difference would be a bit difficult to adjust to, but interestingly it wasn’t too bad.  The following day as it was a Monday, we got up and headed into the city – not for the New Year sales but because I had never been to the botanic gardens in Sydney – despite living in Sydney for 2 years – and wanted to go.  It was a warm day, but lovely to walk around the gardens, we did find a café that was open and I had my first Cronut – it was ok but I think I will stick to a good croissant or a good cinnamon swirl.

We strolled through the gardens finding lots of interesting plants to look at, eventually we found our way down to the harbour. From there we headed along the harbour to the Opera House and went and found somewhere along the harbour for lunch.  It was lovely to sit there and drink a glass of bubbles and have a sandwich while just relaxing and catching up.

Tuesday was spent looking through my friends clothes and deciding what was missing and then shopping.  We had fun, but towards the end of the day my back was really sore, we headed home and after a rest I cooked dinner – a nice stuffed zucchini (courgette).  It was a home-grown zucchini and great to use.

Wednesday, we did some thrift shopping which was fun, however our first stop wasn’t open, which was a shame as they looked like they had some good stuff.  We did however sit down and have a very nice coffee.  A few more thrift stores and a deviation into other shops to buy things, we headed off to a different shopping area to do a little more shopping.  We did succumb to take away pizza for dinner.

Thursday was a cool day, and we were heading to the theatre to see Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.  It was the afternoon show and we both really, really enjoyed ourselves.  The cast were amazing and as neither of us knew the show it was an experience (though of course we all know the story).  We headed out for dinner which was nice and collapsed into bed.

Friday morning, I packed as I was heading home that evening.  S and I sat down and talked and brain stormed some stuff for both of us about life – it was fun and productive.  We then decided that since the shop on Wednesday that we had wanted to go to was shut we would try them again as they were very close to the airport.  One phone call later and yes they were open and we were on our way.  I’m really glad S suggested this as I found the most amazing jacket ever. I love this jacket and it is perfect for Perth summers.

I eventually made it to the airport only to have my flight delayed.  I did eventually get home late on Friday night and once again collapsed into bed once I had said hello to my wonderful husband and very excited dog.

Until next time.