On the Beach

Delia and Pat in Australia

February Moving.

Well this is different (with a slight sense of deja-vu)

It has been a while, and a lot has changed.  Unfortunately, in January my mum had a fall and broke her arm.  I moved in to help and took some leave from work.  What did become apparent is mum’s memory is worse than I realised and that she shouldn’t be living alone.  So for now Pat and I (along with the dog and cat) have moved in.  We’re currently living in the back bedroom on 2 single beds – waiting for our stuff to be transported from our rental.

It has been harder than expected, but we will get through it.  We’re thinking we will be here from 6 -12 months.  One thing we did realise, from the last time we stayed, is that we need the space that we occupy to feel like us.  To be our home with our things around us.  We have there started the process with the bedroom and ripped up the very old blue carpet.  With a dog and a cat, carpet is not a good thing.  We now have laminate down – not my colour choice but the hardware store was out of a lot of choices and the colour we chose was on sale as end of line, so it won. 


We have also be clearing out one of the spare rooms so that we can set it up as our study and my art/sewing room.  It is taking some work, but hopefully by next weekend everything will be ready.  Our dog and cat are loving the extra space, especially in the backyard.  I’m loving the air-conditioning – though our townhouse had air-conditioning it was much noisier so this one is fabulous.  Another bonus is mum’s house has a bath, and I do love having a bath.

I think the thing that has hit me the hardest with all of this, is Pat and I were given a mortgage in principal the day mum fell and we were starting the hunt for our next home in earnest.  That has been put on hold, partially as I don’t have the energy and partially as we couldn’t move in straight away and I’m not sure I would want to rent a property for 6 months.

We have however been booking trips away, Pat is heading off for a weekend away with his photography club over to Rottnest Island.  I have booked a long weekend in Singapore (with my friend from Sydney)  but that isn’t until the end of October.  I think we need to think of a few more long weekends away over the next few months.

Until next time.